Mediation has opened my eyes to an alternative to law. It is a satisfying and rewarding method of resolving disputes.  

What is it?

Mediation is a way for parties to take control of their disputes and seek a mutually acceptable resolution with the help of an impartial person – the mediator.

mediation in progress

The process is voluntary and all concerned must agree that they wish to try to resolve their dispute through mediation.

The mediation process includes a meeting between the people in dispute at which the mediator encourages each person to have their say.

In this meeting, the mediator:

  • asks questions and facilitates discussion to enable those at the meeting to reach a resolution
  • does not judge, suggest solutions or impose decisions, but helps those in dispute to come to an agreement that suits them
  • empowers people to resolve their own dispute by understanding the interests and the feelings of those involved.

Mediation Video

Here's a video simulation, published by O'Sullivan Solutions ( showing part of a mediation meeting ...