TalkingWorks in Schools

  A great experience from which I learnt skills that I will use for the rest of my life to help others and also inspire them.  Student feedback

What we offer

  • an intensive training in one school day with a 1 to 6 trainer to student ratio
  • a team of coaches from diverse professional backgrounds
  • learning through role-play

Students acquire skills they can immediately put to use in their lives such as active listening, empathising, effective questioning, generating solutions and remaining impartial.

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About us

TalkingWorks is a charity dedicated to training sixth-formers and post-16 students in mediation and dispute resolution skills. See our vision and our mission.

TalkingWorks was conceived by Janine Edge who, together with former Lead Trainer Jackie Miller, developed the original training day. In 2014 TalkingWorks became an independent charity with a board of trustees. See who is involved with TalkingWorks.

TalkingWorks is supported both financially and in terms of volunteers by many leading civil mediators, law firms and corporate sponsors, livery companies and civil mediation providers as well as some of the schools to which it delivers the training.

Students involved in mediation exercise